NSB Nuovo Piccolo Fondo

Sunday, August 11th 2019.  Roll out; 8.00am, Noosa Marina.

Nuovo Piccolo. Entry: $45

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The Nuovo Piccolo Fondo is the shortest ride of the day, sharing the same route as far as Cooroy .

It then swings towards Lake MacDonald, and reprises some of the Saturday Picollo. This is a great ride without some of the more arduous sectors of the other Sunday rides.

As with the Grand & Medio Fondos, refreshment stops will provide water, bananas and other free delicacies.

Approx 500m of vertical climb.

Note: 8.00am Roll out.



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This event is for those who find the other ‘heroic’ events too arduous. It is still demanding, however, and some bike skills are necessary.

The route will be marked at relevant intersections and there will be a ‘broom wagon’, however participants will be responsible for their own navigation, nutrition, mechanicals and safety. GPS devices are permitted, but riders should also seriously consider having a copy of the maps for this region as a backup. Participants must carry their own food/water. There will be at least 1 Brevet point that is shared with the other courses, serving free refreshments

Carry whatever you’ll need to survive! Be prepared to cope with broken spokes, flats, broken chains, etc.

The following are suggested:

  • Extra half links.
  • At least 2 tubes and a perhaps patch kit.
  • A decent hand pump (and possibly CO2 also, but never rely on it solely).
  • A multi-tool that does everything.
  • Extra Derailleur hanger?
  • The capacity to carry  fluids and food, although it will be possible to re-provision en-route.
  • Front & rear lighting for the possibility of late return.

Be prepared to help out your fellow riders… and enjoy the ride!

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